Beth Shea

Beth Shea is a “green” mom and blogger and founder of the website Petite Planet. Formerly a beauty writer, she changed gears after discovering the myriad of toxins prevalent in the items she was featuring. Worried about the toxins’ harmful effects on her pregnancy and health, she resolved to make her home and daughter’s life as pure and chemical-free as possible. She started writing Petite Planet so that other parents could benefit from everything she learned along the way, believing that every “baby step” counts.

Beth’s top tips for moms to green the home are:

  1. Keep chemicals out of your baby’s feeding routine and out of your household cleaning regimen (breastfeed or use BPA-free baby bottles with silicone nipples and organic formula; use non-toxic utensils and dinnerware; and use all-natural cleaners or chemical-free, non-toxic cleaners such as Seventh Generation).
  2. Use cloth diapers and reusable baby wipes (such as gDiapers, which contain flushable inserts).
  3. Buy wooden, non-toxic, handmade toys instead of plastic ones.
  4. Use chemical-free bath products, bath tubs and bath toys (phthalate-free, BPA-free, and PVC-free).
  5. Remove your shoes at the door to avoid bringing in pesticides, lead dust and pollutants.

Beth has also taken on other changes in her household to attain more eco-friendly, healthy living, such as eating organic, locally-grown, non-GMO foods, limiting meat intake, recycling, walking instead of driving, using reusable bags, and limiting her family’s consumerism. She says that:

“from the moment I got pregnant, I had an awakening that it is every individual’s responsibility to tread lightly on this planet so future generations may inherit a better tomorrow. I think green design should become the rule as opposed to the exception.”

She believes that eventually, living “green” will become the norm, but until that point, she is happy to continue educating and helping families make changes to their lifestyles. Beth is confident that “all the little things we do add up to make a huge difference in improving health on an individual and global level, and that we’re all capable of taking baby steps to go green!

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