Marshall Herskovitz

Marshall Herskovitz

In light of my efforts to keep this blog all-inclusive, this post is devoted to Marshall Herskovitz, a Hollywood movie producer. Herskovitz has produced movies such as Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai, and Traffic and is now using his cred to spread awareness of climate change. He recognized that climate change needs more day-to-day recognition in American media and decided to use his marketing mega millions to achieve just that. Herskovitz wants an American energy revolution.

His campaign is based on the idea that:

“we are in a very rare moment in history where the solving of one problem would actually solve four or five or six other intractable societal problems we have in the United States- unemployment, the deficit, our trade deficit, health, national security…. An energy revolution may be the very thing we need as an economy just to move forward into the century.”

He sees the difficulty in getting Americans to act at the scale needed to mitigate climate change- he says:

“People think that if they change their light bulbs, or if they buy a car that gets 32 miles-per-gallon, that they’re contributing to the solution of the problem. But that’s not going to stop climate change.”

Herskovitz’ ideal is a total overhaul of our economic scheme in which America focuses on green jobs and clean energy sources. He cites World War II as an example of the possibility of completely altering production when there’s enough pressure to do so- in WWII, automobile plants were converted to make military vehicles and not a single car was produced for 4 years. He sees that type of transformation as strong enough to make a turnaround on climate change.

Marshall Herskovitz’ first effort is the “I AM” campaign, which is working with Global Green USA to raise awareness of the effects of rising sea levels on the US’ big cities and unite all Americans in fighting climate change. His celeb-packed PSA declares that “150 million Americans will be affected by rising sea levels in our lifetime unless we demand that our leaders invest in green technologies and green jobs NOW.”

Apparently Herskovitz also has a mega film in the works, the details of which have not been announced. I am really looking forward to seeing more from Herskovitz and I applaud him for using his status to change the status quo. The entertainment industry is one of the most powerful and has so much potential to reach a large audience, so I really think his efforts can go far. The question remains though… if even Hollywood gets it, then why is Congress still lagging?

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